Welcome to the new Ric Wood Motorsport site.

We specialise in design, development and build of race winning engines and components. This site will show the depth of our engineering expertise and the quality of our products. Our philosphy is rigourous Research & Development, thorough testing and measurement, precision manufacture and build.Our results speak for themselves.

Check out our race engine development facilities. Gas flow analysis, CNC engineering and our 1000BHP dyno. We also run a 4 wheel rolling road and provide a range of ECU tuning, from plug & play through to specialised racing systems.

Our race cars compete in British and European championships. We provide all aspects of race car build and development. See more about our cars here.

We specialise in gas flowed cylinder heads. Our gas flow results are second to none. We publish all our flow figures and can replicate results exactly using CNC engineering.

We develop and build championship winning race engines based on standard road engines. V8, V6 and 4 cylinder race engines. See our superb 300BHP Duratec and XE based engines inside.
Motorsport is in our blood. We compete in races in the UK and Europe. This year (2006) competing in the Dutch Supercar Challenge. Racing gives valuable experience of what works and what doesn't. What will win and what won't. With 20 years experience on the track you can be sure we know our stuff.

We are able to pass this experience on to you through our extensive engineering facilities. We are always happy to discuss your requirements and advise on all aspects of motorsport engineering.

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