Race Engines

Race Engines are what it's all about for us. We build race engines and we race them. It's in our blood.

We have invested heavily in state of the art computer controlled equipment and software to build the best possible engines for racing or fast road applications.

The Sections below give you some insight in to our engineering philosphy behind our engines and some of the great engines we have built.

If you are a serious racer, a track day or fast road enthusiast you'll find plenty of interest here.

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Race Engine Building

Check out this section for a detailed look at our approach to race engine building. A step by step guide, looking at all the major components of a serious race engine and how we build a bespoke race engine.

Our race engines are designed as a unique custom item carefully matched to your requirements and budget. See how we design an engine starting with measured flow through the cylinder head. We design our engines to have a perfect balance of specification and quality to reach the target performance.

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Classic Engines

By "Classic" we mean engines of the modern classic era (say 1970 onwards) . The Classic Racing scene is becoming increasingly popular. We love it. Over the years we have build a number of facinating classic racing engines for clients and our own race cars.

  • Ford Essex V6 (400BHP)
  • Ford Cosworth V6 GAA (476 BHP)
  • TVR (V6 and V8)
  • Smallblock and Big Block Chevys
  • Ferrari
  • Bentley Turbo
  • Jaguar

We have all the facilities and expertise required to build, repair or upgrade and type of engine.

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Modern Race Engines

This section covers the latest engine types from many manufacturers in the mordern era.

4 cylinder, V6, V8, V12.

Engines suitable for:

  • Circuit Racing (all classes)
  • Rally/Rallycross
  • Drag Racing
  • Sprint
  • Track day
  • Fast road enthusiasts

We cover engines of all types including turbo and supercharged engines. From mildly tuned to ultimate race winning engines.

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