Ford Essex V6 Race Engines

The Ford V6 is a basic engine by modern standards and it has its problems when tuning for the track. However, Ric Wood Motorsport has many years of experience with these engines which has lead to possibly the most advanced Ford Essex based V6 race engines you can acquire.

Our V6 race engines have an established reputation for performance and durability in many race series with many satisfied customers. For instance, our customer built cylinder heads have solved the heat-spot problems which plague tuning of these engines. Our in-house gas flow expertise has produced spectacular results.

We firmly believe we have the best cylinder head design for Ford V6 Essex engines that can be bought anywhere. Combined with many race engine builds for our own cars and customer cars, Ric Wood Motorsport leads the way with these engines.

Ric Wood is one of the UK & Europes best V6 engine builders and has a large number of customer who compete in the classic racing scene. The expertise gained is hard won in the toughest of environments - the track.

4000cc, Fuel Injection,Alloy heads, dry sump. 390 BHP at 7400 rpm

Our V6 engines are custom built according to your needs and budget. From modified road car engines with 200BHP suitable for road going Capri or TVR through to highly competitive classic car race engines with up to 400 BHP.

We also provide a full range of repair, rebuild and modifcation services for any Ford V6 for any application (Road, Race, Track day, Classic)

  • G AA block stroked and bored to up to 4000cc
  • Steel crankshaft.
  • Steel or titanium rods.
  • Arias race pistons.
  • Dry sump system.
  • Fabricated sump for added strength to block.
  • Cylinder heads - Ric Wood's own high flow racing heads. Gas flowed and developed to produce 100 bhp per litre with total reliabliity. - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
  • Custom designed inlet and exhaust manifolds.
  • Titanium valves, ISKI springs and alloy retainers.
  • Camshaft - custom made special high lift designed for our cylinder heads.
  • Carb or computer controlled electronic mapped injection and ignition.
  • Race transmissions and Differentials.
  • Custom made rocker covers...

We use CNC engineering to produce exactly the results we promise. These dramatic improvements in inlet and exhaust flow, together with other performance parts such as custom made camshafts (built to our design) make the V6 a powerful, free revving and torquey engine. It is especially suitable for modern classic racing which is becoming very popular in the UK due to affordable cost and the competitive scene.

The V6 is also a popular road car engine. We can modify your existing engine to give a most pleasing road car engine. This can include CNC engineering to your own cyclinder heads or a complete rebuild to your requirement and budget. We have full Rolling Road and Engine Dyno facilities for tesing and tuning your engine in situ or on a test rig.

There are many options available to customers and we are very happy to discuss and advise on these engines.

We also carry a substantial number of parts for this engine.


Custom plenum airbox with fuel injection

This is inside of the next photos phenem air box .

Note the injectors firing directly into the trumpet and no throttle spindles in the way.
This type of injection can make more torque.

Essex v6 on 3 Webber DCNF carbs 4000cc made 380bhp@7200
One of our late spec engines.

3.4 Litre Ford Cosworth GAA - 474BHP - Check out seperate web page for this engine including video of it running on our dyno.

Essex V6 cylinder heads.

Key to our success with these engines is the cylinder head. We not only have patterns for CNC engineering standard heads, but we also produce our own alloy heads to our own unique design. This not only gives the flow we are looking for but also cures cooling issues with the standard head.

Gas flowed cylinder heads for Essex V6 are available on the CNCHeads site

Not forgetting our custom camshafts, made specifically to match the gas flow of our heads (or yours !)

If you are looking for the ultimate 2 valve or 4 valve head for the V6, give is a call. You won't find a better head for this engine anywhere else.

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